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Flight Report


Flight Number

Air France

Airbus A319

EGHI - Southampton Airport

Departure Airport

LEIB - Ibiza Airport

Arrival Airport


Planned Departure


Actual Departure

On Time (Slight delay)

Departure Outcome


Planned Arrival


Actual Arrival

On Time (Early)

Arrival Outcome


Very Good
Pilot Rating


Landing Rate


Passenger Starting Satisfaction


Passenger End Satisfaction


Max Pitch Up


Max Pitch Dn


Max Roll Left


Max Roll Right

1.79 g

Max GForce

0.85 g

Min GForce

You stayed within comfortable g-force limits throughout the flight

Your pitch control was excellent, passengers had no complaints.

Your roll control was excellent, passengers had no complaints.

You taxied the aircraft at appropriate speeds throughout the flight, well done.

You stayed on the taxiway at all times, well done.

You performed a safe and successful takeoff.

You managed the cabin crew correctly during takeoff.

You turned on your landing lights before takeoff

You forgot to turn your landing lights off once reaching 10,000 feet

You forgot to turn on landing lights below 10,000ft during your landing approach.

You managed the airspeed correctly below 10,000 feet.

You managed the cabin crew correctly during approach and landing.

This was a great flight.

You communicated effectively with the cabin crew during all critical flight phases, ensuring their safety. Your control of the aircraft was faultless which makes for very comfortable passengers.

Your landing was good - passengers remained comfortable and you ensured safe control of the aircraft by touching down positively. Good job.

Overall your passengers were slightly happier after flying with you - good work!