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Update Released

Posted on Tuesday 12 March 2024 at 18:02 by Steve W into Latest News

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In this release we fix a small bug with the Ground Crew INT button on the Fenix A320 and bring the ability to automatically show/hide the SLC UI to "Button Mode".

The Self-Loading Cargo version update has now released which fixes an issue some people experienced with the ground crew (INT) button flashing during Cabin Crew comms in the Fenix A320, among with a couple of other improvements.

In addition, a function to automatically show/hide the UI when in "button" mode to allow better integration with the 3D radio/comms buttons in that particular mode has also been added. This allows you to hide the main UI until such a time that a button input is necessary (i.e. if the crew are calling you), or if you instigate comms via the radio panel of your aircraft.

How to update

Download the update from your account area and install over the top of your existing installation. 

You can view the full release notes for more information.

Thank you!


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