Hello there! The current release version of Self-Loading Cargo is "1.6, The Interactivity Update"!
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😊 RELEASE UPDATE - 1st July 2024, 1800z - Please ensure you are running the latest release update. See changelog for release info!

Update Released

Posted on Saturday 20 April 2024 at 09:46 by Steve W into Latest News

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In this release we add integration support for the JustFlight BAe 146, fix some IFE memory usage issues and improve the scoring system.

The Self-Loading Cargo version update has now released which brings many fixes and improvements including better compatibility with GSX pushback (pull support, hooray!), fixes some memory and rendering speed issues that people were experiencing with the in-flight entertainment system and much more.

A tool has also been added to the Audio Manager which allows you to test your voice recognition scripts without having to load a flight which makes creating voicepacks for the captain much easier.

We've also added much better integration with the JustFlight BAe 146 which recently got a major update so you can enjoy Self-Loading Cargo in conjunction with that magnificent aircraft a little more.

Some of you will be delighted to know that we've also removed the infinite negativity of flight scoring by default - no longer will you lose hundreds of points in turbulence if you forget to make a seatbelt announcement because the negative score amount will now be limited to the inverse of the maximum available score. However if you're feeling confident, you can turn on "hard mode" which will revert to the legacy behaviour - and good luck to you.

Cross The Pond 2024

To all pilots participating in this years VATSIM Cross The Pond I'd like to wish you blue skies and three greens on all of your flights - be sure to keep an eye on the new flight radar map on the website - and don't forget you can now track your flight on the In-Flight Entertainment System on your aircraft by clicking on "My Flight" then "Map".

Happy flying!

How to update

Download the update from your account area and install over the top of your existing installation. 

You can view the full release notes for more information.

Thank you!


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