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Hello there! The current release version of Self-Loading Cargo is 1.55 v1.6 Update is In Progress!
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Development Roadmap

Self-Loading Cargo is currently in an "early-release" programme, which means it is being continually updated with new features to improve it and add extra functionality.

On this page you will find the most current plans for the software going forward - but please note due to the commercially sensitive nature of some of the plans, some information on core features, additions and improvements to functionality may have been intentionally left out.

A thank you to early-access customers

If you have purchased Self-Loading Cargo during the early access programme I'd like to thank you for your kind support - please know that I really appreciate it.

All Future VersionsContinous Iteration

A number of features within Self-Loading Cargo will be continually updated as development progresses to improve the product further regardless of the planned features for that particular release.

Default Soundpack

In version 1.5 support for unlimited randomised sounds was introduced for every event within the application - such as welcome announcements, departure problems etc.

Moving forward, each iteration of the application will have more and more of these sounds added to help increase the variety and randomness of your flights.

You are of course free to create your own soundpacks, but the default ones will compliment them creating a truly immersive experience.

Additional Cabin Configurations

In version 1.5 support for accurate cabin layouts was introduced to allow the direct simulation of the interior of your chosen aircraft. Moving forward, the number of these will be increased as demand requires, along with more and more configurations for specific airlines out of the box.

Simulation Tweaking

Because such a complex simulation is going on beneath the hood, from time to time there may need to be some tweaks to take various scenarios into account (for instance passengers getting way too bored during taxi during the night if it's cloudy) - for this reason, consider it a "fluid" simulation at the moment which will be tweaked as versions and hotfixes are released to make it as perfect as possible.

Your feedback is encouraged if you notice anything spurious or if you feel something is not right!

Version 1.0 ChangelogReleased August 28th 2019

This version of the software was the initial release to allow people to start using it and supply feedback.

Version 1.1 ChangelogReleased August 31st 2019

This was a service release to fix a number of issues with 1.0, but also added new functionality based on feedback from the first users - including the ability to start in-flight services at the same time as one another, better pause handling, tweaks to the boarding/deboarding phases and some compatibility with the FSLabs A320.

Version 1.2 ChangelogReleased 5th September 2019

This was the first release to allow automatic in-flight services based on a schedule, as well as incorporating tweaks to the logic for toilet usage, boarding delays etc.

Turbulance detection was also tweaked and the flight attendant sounds were also tweaked to sound more like they were coming across a public address system.

Version 1.3.x ChangelogReleased 9th September 2019

In this service release, SLC introduced the passenger manifest system so that you could view the individual passengers within the simulation, and "see" them board the aircraft - although it was limited at the time, it did bring emphasis to the fact that everyone onboard was being simulated independently.

The airport gate was also simulated by playing a sound when the doors opened, along with numerous other small additions to help with immersion.

Support for Windows Vista was also added.

Version 1.4.x ChangelogReleased 4th October 2019

An extensive update, this version introduced flight logging to that a history of your flights could be stored for future reference.

The sound packs got a massive update, with text-to-speech support added for those who wish to use scriptable text for their sounds instead of digital versions.

Passengers started having individual thoughts that occurred based on whatever activity they were doing while onboard, or whatever impact the actions of your flying had upon them.

All events were moved to a brand new system to improve the efficiency of the application and to ensure that even on slower systems, events such as turbulence would be felt (and processed) by the passengers as and when they happened.

Doors were able to be opened without the passengers boarding, and the passenger mode "improvement" rating was introduced for the flight logs.

A new simulation of WiFi was introduced for newer aircraft, which accurately simulates the GoGo WIFI system found on some carriers - passengers who started using the system would get frustrated if the connection got dropped out, or if too many other passengers were connected to the shared connection.

Additionally, the cabin crew were now added as separately simulated entities.

Version 1.5 ChangelogReleased May 2020

This version is a massive leap up in terms of functionality and is the culmination of over 7 months of work to bring a number of solid foundations to life for the future of the application. It represents a firm shift in the direction of the product and incorporates many new features and improvements over the previous editions.

There are also many bug fixes, including a much more accurate landing rate system and more forgiving in-flight penalties.

Authentic Aircraft Cabin Simulation via Configuration Files

Self-Loading Cargo now simulates the entire cabin of your aircraft in real-time using accurate floor plans and seating arrangements. Not only that, but the cabin layout is not fixed - using configuration files for any aircraft the application will simulate the difference in facilities, timings (boarding/in-flight service) and even the number of decks onboard various aircraft from small A319's to the Queen of the Skies, the Boeing 747-400.

It allows you to visualise the passengers and crew as they move around the aircraft, using toilets, performing in-flight services etc so you can be sure the simulation is reacting exactly as it would on the real aircraft of the same configuration.

The simulation is easily expandable by simply adding more configuration files and Self-Loading Cargo can simulate any aircraft in any seating configuration that you provide - allowing the experience of flying with your crew and passengers to be subtly different depending on the aircraft (or airline) you choose.

In version 1.6, this will be expanded upon by allowing direct interaction with the crew, passengers, seats and facilities onboard the aircraft.

Unlimited Randomised Sounds For Events

Self-Loading Cargo now supports unlimited sound effects for all events, which are then randomised on each flight. What this means in practice is that each announcement (for instance the Captain welcoming passengers onboard) a sound for that event will be randomly selected - so every flight is potentially different to the last. This provides a massive amount of variety thus increasing the immersion factor.

Not only that, but by naming the files in a certain way, you can further increase the intelligence of the files being chosen - for instance if you place your arrival or departure airport in the filename of a particular file, then that one (or one of those if there are many) will be selected. This allows you to have multiple different sounds to choose from when departing from say, Glasgow, and others if you're heading out of Bangkok.

Public Address System

This version introduces a context-sensitive public address system which you can use to keep passengers informed of any issues, and send specific instructions to the cabin crew.

For instance before takeoff you will have to tell the cabin crew to take their seats - or have a penalty applied to your flight report.

New Flight Phases and Cabin Visualisations

Version 1.5 now provides a number of additional flight phases over previous releases, and attempts to simulate what the cabin crew would do in the circumstances. For instance during boarding, the cabin crew will head to their greeting points within the aircraft as well as any doors that are opened. They'll also assist passengers who are putting luggage into the overhead bins if required and you can view all of this on the new Aircraft Layout screen in real-time.

In-Flight Service Timing & Availability

In-flight services are now provided in real-time and you can watch as the passengers are served by the cabin crew. Who will not only serve the drinks, but have to transfer food trolleys back and forth to the galleys then clean up afterwards.

Additionally the services are available on a schedule which means that not all of them will be available depending on the time of day you're flying.

Toilet availability is of course limited to the number of them on the aircraft - and this will differ depending on the aircraft you are flying. Passengers will get frustrated if none are available, and will only use toilets within the vicinity of their seat (unless they're desperate of course).

Passenger Boarding and Baggage Loading

This version of Self-Loading Cargo allows you to customise the boarding speed of your passengers to match GSX - or of course, you can automate it.

Additionally the ground crew will handle all luggage loading and any delays.

Flight Report & Grading

v1.5 now includes a revamped flight report which gives you helpful hints and tips about your flying, as well as the results of your flight in terms of passenger satisfaction.

Warnings and Penalties are applied for many aspects of the flight including landing light monitoring, punctuality and communication skills via the public address system.

SimBrief Flight Plan Integration

Self-Loading Cargo can now read your latest SimBrief flight plan to save you from having to fill out the advanced flight plan - in doing so, you can automatically be graded on your punctuality based on your departure and arrival times.

Audible Passenger Shouting and Screaming

This version includes (optional) audible complaints from the passengers if you exceed comfort limits during flight or landing. Please be gentle...

Detailed User Manual

This version is the first version of Self-Loading Cargo to include a detailed user manual to get you started.

Version 1.51 (HOTFIX) ChangelogReleased June 6th 2020

Advanced Cabin Rendering

Enabled the sprite-based cabin rendering instead of just "dots" for a more quality experience

Penalties Can Be Disabled

Added the ability to disable certain penalties during the simulation

Sounds Update

Updated the GATE sound so that it no longer has a looping artifact

Adjustments to penalty model

Adjusted bumpy takeoff, turbulence and yaw penalties

Doors can no longer be opened from within the aircraft layout screen if the aircraft is in the air

TTS Updates

Added {flightNumber} and {cruiseAltitude} to TTS

Adjustments to Cabin Simulation

Passengers no longer get stuck while deboarding, they can no longer step over crew seats or intercom areas while boarding.

Crew will no longer enter toilets while casually walking around the cabin.

Version 1.52 (HOTFIX) ChangelogReleased June 15th 2020

New Features

When setting up a flight, aircraft type and configuration has been separated off so you can have your layouts nicely categorised by aircraft instead of having a huge list of all variations.

Cabin Layout - Social Distancing

Added new seat type "U-" e.g. "U-07F" which stands for unavailable seat. In this version, it will place "social distancing" screens in the seat to allow you to simulate pandemic flights.

Flight Model Detection

Takeoff phase will now automatically be detected even if landing lights are not turned on when you go above 30kts and the throttles are firewalled.

TTS Variables

TTS should now no longer get stuck if a flight number wasn't in the expected format.

Added {aircraftType} (Boeing 737-800) to TTS, as well as {flightTime} which will say "about an hour", "just over an hour", "1 hour 45 minutes" in TTS depending on what the flight time is.

When TTS Safety Announcement is playing, it shows the notification in the Crew Notification area.

PA System

"Arm Doors" and "Disarm Doors" are now available before pushback starts, and after engine shutdown respectively.

PA system can be told to stay open after use.

PA system will automatically open when a response is required, i.e. rejected takeoff.


Added the ability to turn off the landing light checks in each flight phase, as well as the airspeed check below 10,000ft.

Anxiety during high winds has been dialled back, as has taxi boredom.

Disabling penalties will not have any negative impact on your grade, but will show up on the flight report as having been disabled.


Lots of small fixes such as not allowing passengers to be looking forward to services, then choosing not to have them. Spelling corrections on some notifications,

Version 1.53 (HOTFIX) ChangelogReleased June 15th 2020

Flight Number Bugfix for TTS Users

Fixed issue with TTS if flight number was not 3 or 4 characters long

Version 1.54 (UPDATE) ChangelogReleased July 16th 2020

Turbulence Detection

Added a dampening slider to the turbulence detection algorith to hopefully solve issues with ActiveSky


Added some more valid runway surfaces to prevent screaming passengers who think they're on the grass during takeoff


You can now scale the UI up and down from 25% to 250% size - each window can be controlled individually


SLC will automatically pick up from where it left off if it crashes or is closed by the user, with all data intact.

Bug Fixes

Numerous bug fixes and improvements including adding the captain name in TTS variables from Simbrief

Version 1.55 (UPDATE) ChangelogReleased August 4th 2020

Bug Fixes

People should no longer get stuck in the toilet if a scary event happens while they're in there...

Passenges should no longer get stuck during deboarding.

Cabin Configurations

A couple of corrections for the A380 and B787 (duplicate seat definitions corrected)

SimBrief Improvement

When an OFP has not been submitted for the SLC user, SLC now handles the error better.

Version 1.6IN PROGRESS!

Please see latest news for an update on the delay for this release.

Cabin Crew / Passenger Direct Interactions

Extended Cabin Crew Scenario Visualisations

Ground Crew / Tech Aircraft Scenarios & Ratings

X-Plane Plugin for Native Data Acquisition

Simbrief Load Manifest Support

Livestream Status Overlay (Twitch/Mixer/YouTube)

Feedback IterationScheduled

There will be a two-week iteration period for any issues that are reported after the release of v1.6 before extensive development begins on v1.7. This will allow any possible issues to be rectified immediately.

Version 1.7Planned

Emergency Procedures & Ratings

Medical Issue Scenarios & Ratings

Cabin Crew Satisfaction System

Custom Public Address & Triggered Sound Effect Support

Feedback IterationScheduled

There will be a two-week iteration period for any issues that are reported after the release of v1.7 before extensive development begins on v1.8. This will allow any possible issues to be rectified immediately.

End of Early Access Programme Scheduled

At this point the core of product will have reached maturity and early access pricing will no longer be available.

Version 1.8Planning Phase

Localisation of Passenger Names

Support for FSAirlines Passenger + Load Manifest

Online Portal Development

Do you have an idea you don't see here?

Your feedback and ideas are very much encouraged. Please e-mail me with what you have in mind.

Feedback IterationScheduled

There will be a two-week iteration period for any issues that are reported after the release of v1.8 before extensive development begins on v1.9. This will allow any possible issues to be rectified immediately.

Version 1.9Planning Phase

Translation Into Other Languages

Mac OSX and Linux Support

Do you have an idea you don't see here?

Your feedback and ideas are very much encouraged. Please e-mail me with what you have in mind.