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Hello there! The current release version of Self-Loading Cargo is 1.55 which came out on August 4th 2020!
Be sure to check out the changelog and the development roadmap for the next versions! v1.6 Update is In Progress! Join The Discord!

Buy Self-Loading Cargo

Before you buy Self-Loading Cargo, let me first say - thank you for the support.

As an independent developer it really means a lot that you'd spend your money to support my work and I want you to know that it is really appreciated. I hope you enjoy it and I absolutely encourage your feedback.

You can always contact me at steve@lanilogic.com or the Discord Server if you need help.

Pay Now, £12.99Early Access - Normal Price £17.99

Approximate Currency Conversions:
EUR: €14.50, USD $15.80, CDN: $22.15, AUD: $24.20, JPY: 1706¥

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Payments are handled via Stripe - you can use any credit or debit card. By purchasing Self-Loading Cargo, you confirm you have read and agree to the terms and conditions.
Please note the software is only compatible with Windows at this time - Mac and Linux are not supported.

What happens after I've paid?

Once you've paid for Self-Loading Cargo, an account will be created for you on this website and you'll be able to log in and download the software immediately. A unique serial number will also be generated for you.

Then, once you run Self-Loading Cargo, you'll be asked to enter your payment e-mail address and the serial number.

After that, the software will be activated and you're good to go :)

Can I pay with PayPal?

PayPal payments are currently disabled due to the high volume of requests - sorry about that.

The automated system will be updated to support PayPal very shortly.

What is early access?

Self-Loading Cargo is brand new software which, while working at its core, is still under constant development.

As a thank you for early-adopters of the software I'd like to give them a small discount in exchange for helping me iron out any problems as well as making suggestions on how the features can be improved as the application grows and matures. (See the development roadmap).

Additionally, I'd like to see more soundpacks be created to accurately reflect those on certain airliners - I can't do that alone, so I'm hoping that people will submit their own sounds and make them available for download.

All that said, basically what it boils down to is this - I appreciate you having faith in my software and it's my way of saying thank you to anyone who came in early.